Call shop systems

In our company, we aim to deliver our customers to a global level of service to the selling sector at prices suitable for this type of companies. We provide an integrated system for international communication over the Internet for call centres with a call accounting system. The system includes ease of operation and use, and can be activated with any Internet system... Besides the high quality of sound similar to the quality of the normal phone. One of the most important features of the Call shop systems we provide in our company... A fast and easy to use accounting system through a distinctive interface. It is also possible to pay and follow-up current and completed communications and customer accounting and print invoices easily. The system allows the possibility of adjusting the prices in a total or customized way by specifying the country or code. You can get call reports and search for any call made through any cabin... Next to identify the daily, weekly or monthly earnings estimates. And more system-supported capabilities for ease of operation. '