Call Center systems

After extensive market research, we have provided an integrated system for managing and recording incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This system allows for the maintenance of registered copies of telephone calls... because it is an important document that details the sales and purchase and customer service and its quality used through the phone. The system is a tool through which the customer can evaluate the performance of the customer service and technical support staff, to determine the appropriate training and clarification of the performance appraisal periodically. Our Call Center systems include access to employee performance reports on the number of calls received - the number of unanswered calls and the reason - average call time - total number of calls answered - a graph of this data. It also includes voice mail systems and automated answering system through recorded messages and help the customer to reach the desired section. And many of the advanced solutions and features that we have included in our Call Center systems ... to ensure the best performance that enhances the business process of the company. ' ' '