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was established in 2000 in Germany with the aim of providing innovative and modern telecommunication services in cooperation with major international companies specialized in its field.

We are very proud … We have obtained an authorisation to work from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Germany, which means our clear professionalism and our commitment to provide this kind of services We offer a variety of packages to medium and large companies, whatever their specialties, to facilitate the means of communication between the employees of the company within one branch, and all branches, free of charge, while ensuring speed and purity of sound.

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Our Services

We provide various services to be the first choice for our client

PBX solutions

PBX systems are known as one of the most modern and sophisticated means... because they are considered an effective means of communication between people. And we know that these devices are developing significantly locally and globally. The range of PBX devices we offer varies (regular, intercom, answering machine, voicemail, high-tech PBX systems) We offer this service with many features for internal and external networks, which may work with the programming system that connects computers and the Internet. We provide internal intercom PBX devices associated with security systems for surveillance cameras, among them ones which depends on the ordinary phones easy to use, and is widespread in the Arab countries around the world... both wired and wireless. All this is in addition to providing open source PBX devices solutions, which are indispensable in our modern era for ease of use and widespread deployment. ' '

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billing software

It is an ideal solution for companies looking for a clear system and smooth software to follow up and manage both inbound and outbound phone calls within the company and its branches. In our company, we provide the most advanced and clear user interface software to make data writing and reporting easy and away from the known complexities of this type of software. Our software provides your company with full control on the budget , directions and cost of all phone calls which happens every day. So you can get daily, monthly, and even annual reports for easy comparison of input/output, phone calls. The software allows you to control more than one employee at the same time... to speed up the completion time. At a competitive price... You will get software that makes the workflow in your company clear without errors. '

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Call Center systems

After extensive market research, we have provided an integrated system for managing and recording incoming and outgoing telephone calls. This system allows for the maintenance of registered copies of telephone calls... because it is an important document that details the sales and purchase and customer service and its quality used through the phone. The system is a tool through which the customer can evaluate the performance of the customer service and technical support staff, to determine the appropriate training and clarification of the performance appraisal periodically. Our Call Center systems include access to employee performance reports on the number of calls received - the number of unanswered calls and the reason - average call time - total number of calls answered - a graph of this data. It also includes voice mail systems and automated answering system through recorded messages and help the customer to reach the desired section. And many of the advanced solutions and features that we have included in our Call Center systems ... to ensure the best performance that enhances the business process of the company. ' ' '

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Call shop systems

In our company, we aim to deliver our customers to a global level of service to the selling sector at prices suitable for this type of companies. We provide an integrated system for international communication over the Internet for call centres with a call accounting system. The system includes ease of operation and use, and can be activated with any Internet system... Besides the high quality of sound similar to the quality of the normal phone. One of the most important features of the Call shop systems we provide in our company... A fast and easy to use accounting system through a distinctive interface. It is also possible to pay and follow-up current and completed communications and customer accounting and print invoices easily. The system allows the possibility of adjusting the prices in a total or customized way by specifying the country or code. You can get call reports and search for any call made through any cabin... Next to identify the daily, weekly or monthly earnings estimates. And more system-supported capabilities for ease of operation. '

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Virtual phone numbers

A service we provide specifically for companies with a headquarters somewhere but they provide their business elsewhere. Virtual numbers are very popular among call centers such as the Call Center, which appears to be based in one country or more, when they are in a different time zone, providing effective coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The virtual phone numbers are the base phone numbers but distinctly as all calls are received on the virtual number and then converted to any other phone internationally. A German-based company can obtain a telephone number in New York or London without the need for an office, staff or a fixed foreign line in the United States or England. ' ' ' '

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Landlines and Internet subscriptions contracts

Contracting with the largest companies providing communication services and the Internet. Through our company we provide the possibility of contracting and installation and access to the service through one place. Without having to go over to different places and wait for a long time. We also provide accounting services and technical support to our company... For a quick service through an excellent technical and financial team expert in the field ' '

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Installation and maintenance

From the moment of agreement, to the stage of after sales and maintenance services. We have included professional and technical cadres in their field. We install and operate the PBX systems as well as various systems. Ready and willing at any time to execute different contracts at competitive prices ' '

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What Our Customers Say

I never imagine that there is such easy way to communicate with my team like Mokalamat PBX systems, actually Mokalamat Helped me to install it. And they were right!

It took only few hours to get my billing system work and running for my PBX and it was obviously better than most of what I experienced before from the other providers , mokalamat team was very enthusiastic and professional, never had unanswered question ….Good Job guys

I strongly recommend this wonderful company mokalamat. They are people you can rely on them to do what exactly what you need .furthermore they offered me undeniable fair price compared with the value of the call center system

Guys you must spread your services geographically more than this. It worth a try because my uncle in Milano can’t find a good service providers like you …please do it

Getting all the work done with a world class level of professionalism and commitment ,mokalamat installed my PBX system happily with no damage to my place as I experienced before with another company…glade to be one of your clients