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Saleh Telecom (mokalamat.de) Established in 2000 is a privately owned and funded company based in Aachen/Germany.
Saleh Telecom has been a worldwide leading provider of Internet Telephony Solutions provides high-quality telecommunication services for corporate and individual clients.
The company guarantees flexible solutions to the specific requirements of each client and an opportunity to choose from its wide range of products and services.
Saleh Telecom has worldwide connectivity with over 110 telecom operators to provide our clients with the best quality and stability IP Telephony Solutions and call service with the lowest calling rates.
Our management consists of a mixture of experienced Internet Telecoms people and highly experienced sales people with a solid track-record in running successful companies. Saleh Telecom founders include a group of eminent engineers with accumulated experience on Internet telephony technology.
Saleh Telecom intellectual resources exceed its competitors.
The services Saleh Telecom offers to its customers allow them to enjoy reliable communications at lower prices and avail of the guaranteed speed and capacity the company provides.
They have a significant saving on international calls.
We are successful when our customers see us as providers of useful, dependable leading products and services, and feel they can really depend on us to become part of their business


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